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Carbonators & Beverage Blenders

Atlas carbonators and  Quantum saturators are the world's most advanced processing equipment for the production of carbonated soft drinks, low alcohol drinks, wine and beer. Politech + equipment surpasses the equipment of the world's leading manufacturers of carbonated drinks filling lines KHS, Krones, Sidel not only in technology, but also in terms of price-quality ratio.  

The saturation of water and drinks with carbon dioxide occurs using the patented technology of molecular dissolution of gases in liquids and it is possible at ultra-high temperatures up to + 23 ° C with obtaining saturation in the bottle up to 6 volume fractions (v / v) of CO2 or 13.79 grams of CO2 per 1 liter.


The quality of CO2 dissolution reaches the limiting equilibrium concentration (OEC), that is, the physical limit of the dissolution of CO2 in liquids according to the theoretical Henry's law. The bubbles are distinctly finely dispersed, the sparkling is soft, tingling, reminiscent of sparkling in a glass of champagne, which is obtained by the method of classic champagne. The gas remains in the bottle even after many openings of the cork, compared to water and drinks that are obtained on other saturation equipment, even despite the high gassing temperature of the product.  

The CO2 saturator efficiency is more than 95% (CO2 Yield,%). The operator controls the unit from the 17 / 21.5-inch HMI operator panel, which connects to the enterprise's automated process control system through an industrial VPN router.

Politech + equipment minimizes syrup loss
at the start and end of the production process, as well as during the transition from product to product.  

Carbonization equipment operates according to the proprietary Polytech-Plus algorithm, in which the processes of preparation for production, production and CIP-washing are implemented in an automatic mode based on Allen-Bradley CompactLogix, Siemens S7-1500 or OWEN PLC-210 controllers.  


The most advanced models of mixer-saturators and carbonizers  equipped with mass flow meters for gas and syrup, electromagnetic water flow meter, Burkert control valve system, Maselli gauges, Jumo sensors, Funke heat exchanger, Seko metering pumps.


All details of installations for gassing water and drinks are made of stainless steel AISI304 and ASI316. The seals are made of  materials PTFE, VMQ or Viton. Welding was carried out in an inert gas environment of the maximum purity with internal blowing, as well as with Esab AB and ABICOR BINZEL welding materials, which ensures high quality joints. Components and materials comply with EAC, CE and 3A standards and help maintain the highest sanitary condition of the product and technological equipment in the preparation of carbonated drinks and water. 

3 in 1

Quantum M combines 3 processes: water deaeration, mixing and blending of components and carbonation 

Plug & Carbonate


Ultra-fast payback

Make efficient investments

The cost of a new carbonation system is covered by fast ROI, due to energy savings of electricity and CO2.

Energy savings

Get high CO2 carbonation quality without chilling down water or beverages

CO2 carbonation is outstanding even at high temperaturs due to our patented device.

CO2 savings

Spend less CO2 than usual

The dissolution of CO2 at the molecular level allows to obtain fine bubbles. In addition, the drink does not foam and is significantly more stable. CO2 losses are minimized by the technology itself and by beverage blender's systems as well.

Syrup savings

Minimize syrup losses

Quantum M minimizes syrup losses at strat-ups and change-overs and guarantess BRIX% (± 0,05°Bx) and process (Cpk>1.33) stability.

10 years without a break

Forget about maintanance costs and repairs

24 months is the standard warranty.  We use the most reliable  components, control and instrumentation and provide the client with a maintenance kit. 

Companies already using Politech+ technologies for beverage carbonation

Шишкин лес

...and more than 250 other companies

in different countries

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