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Bag-In-Box fillers

BIB Formika – is an innovative type of semi-automatic machines for filling water, liqiuds, and viscous products into vacuum bags (Bag-In-Box). Machines are capable of filling: 

  • products with very high Brix% (syrups, sweet wines);

  • viscous liquids (motor oils and chemical products, milk cream, sauces, toppings, concentrated juices etc.);

  • products with solid inclusions (for example, fruit pieces).

BIB Formika works even with hot products at a temperature of up to

+95 Celsius. It utilizes a revolutionary principle for this type of equipment. The machine works by weight and not by the flowmeter, which guarantees the highest accuracy and reliability of filling liquids and viscous products.


Highest precision

Fill exactly as much product as you promise to your customer

The high-precision G4-class load cell guarantees the accuracy and reliability of filling wine, dairy products and other non-viscous products of ±20 grams or 0.1% for 20L bag-in-box packaging at a filling rate of 100- 130 packs per hour. To guarantee such precision, the machine utilizes a revolutionary principle for this type of equipment. You encounter the very same approach when filling up your car with petrol at a gas station- two-stage filling: fast and slow. BIB Formika is 6 times more accurate than the machines of Technibag.


Work 24/7 without breakdowns

The industrial reliability of the machine for failure without serious maintenance is millions of fillings. BIB Formika is designed to work in extreme conditions 24 hours 7 days a week for 3 years without reparations.

Versatile functionality

BIB Formika meets your special needs 

The machine is capable of filling products with temperature of up to +95 degrees. The machine works by weight and not by the flowmeter. That means that the machine uses not an impeller, but a high-precision industrial G4-class load cell. The absence of an impeller allows you to fill products with very high Brix%, maintaining unrivaled filling accuracy and hygiene. This also simplifies maintenance and CIP.

Variable complete set

Choose the best options for your production

There are three BIB Formika complete sets: Basic, Standard, and Ultra Aseptica with aseptic unit. Also, an extra bag-in-drums unit can be added to work with large vacuum bags (up to 220 litres), with the capacity of up to 10 tons (or 50 bags) per hour.

Find your BIB Formika

BIB Formika Basic

Basic model for filling wine, water, juices, oils, tea, and other non-viscous liquids. 

This model has all the advantages of the BIB Formika machines. 

  • Capacity: 100 bags (20 liters each) per hour with the filling precision of up to  ±0.1%.

  • Bags size: 0.5 - 30 liters.

There are true masters behind 

the Bag-In-Box filling machines

Igor Amelin, chief designer

Our team will not only provide the best solution for you, but also for less CAPEX and OPEX than you expect.

BIB Formika Ultra Aseptica (video)

BIB Formika Ultra Aseptica (video)

Companies already using BIB Formika machines






Drinking water of long-term storage


Fruit fillings


Motor oils


Our company installed the Politech+ semi-automatic baginbox filling machine in October, 2018, for postmix syrups with Brix 65%. The project was urgent for us. The Politech+ company offered a convenient service on the DDU-Tashkent terms and provided the necessary support. The semi-automatic machine is easy to install and set up, so we launched it on our own. When choosing the equipment, we were attracted by the idea of ​two-stage loading by precise weight sensors. This allows to get high filling accuracy, and simplifies maintenance. Accuracy and reliability are the most important to us, due to our quality standards. Politech+ also offered the best value for money for semi-automatic baginbox filling. We plan to cooperate with Politech+ on other projects, including carbonated drinks processing, for significant energy and CO2 savings.

Vladimir Turenko, technical manager
Coca-Cola Ichimligi Uzbekistan Ltd (Uzbekistan)
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