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Keg filler

Keg Atis is a fully automatic machine, designed for washing, steaming and filling kegs (10-50 liters). The machine allows to fill up to 40 kegs per hour with soft drinks, beer and any other liquids.

An operator controls the process through 15'' HMI panel. The machine is made of stainless steel AISI 304/316, equipped with European components and allows you to fill millions of kegs without any special maintenance.

The process includes washing and disinfection, after which the kegs are steamed and filled. Keg transfer is carried out automatically. Electronic sensors check out the filling accuracy.




The operator controls the machine via a 15-inch touch screen panel. Kegs transfer begins only if the operator has activated the console with both hands.


Cleaning process before bottling consists of several steps for the perfect result. Special valve blows the remnants of the product from the keg, sprays with cold water, and purges again. Then the kegs are being treated with alkali, sprayed with hot water, blown and steamed. The filling head is being washed with hot water and steamed.


The machine is made of stainless steel and equipped with European components. The resource of work of the equipment without additional service is millions of fillings. Electronic control allows to prevent emergency situations.

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