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Syrup rooms

Gefest syrup room is designed for the carbonated soft drinks production where sugar syrup with various additives is used. The machine allows to dissolve sugar and receive sugar syrup with Brix65% at temperatures of +15-20°C within 25-30 minutes. This energy savings benefit is especially important for smaller lines with a capacity of up to 12,000 liters of carbonated drinks per hour.

The syrup production is carried out in batches.  Two or three syrup tanks are used, so that the syrup can be prepared continuously. 

In our equipment, sugar dissolves in water without heating due to ejector loading and continuous circulation of product through the ejector during the process. In this case, the energy recuperation in the pasteurizer is much better than when the sugar syrup is dissolved at a temperature of + 40°C or higher. 

Our syrup rooms consist of the following components depending on the application:

  • Sugar dissolver

  • Dissolver for solids

  • Dissolver for micro-ingredients

  • Suction lance station

  • Syrup routing module

  • Mixing tanks 

  • Pasteurizer

Concept of work

Ejector loading cell

Gefest's ejector loading unit dissolves sugar at a temperature of +15°C and equiped with syrup filters

CIP washer

CIP washer with CIP return 


Atlas pasteurizer with 90% energy recuperation


Fittings, pipelines, pumps, valves, sensors, control systems, control cabinets

Syrup tanks

Syrup storage tanks 




Coca-Cola can


Savings on filtration

Get high quality product and reduce expenses

Three-step filtration unit consists of the coarse filter and the two-step fine filtration of 500 μм, in accordance to the requirements for Coca-Cola. 

Precision & Reliability

Do not worry about process accuracy

Water is dosed into all tanks using an electromagnetic flow meter. The operator sets the dose of water and the dosing process is automatica. The sugar-dissolver and syrup blending tanks are equipped with Atago refractometers to monitor Brix%.


Be flexible

Gefest syrup rooms allows to prepare several types of syrups during the shift. 

Complete set

Pay only for necessary equipment 

The system is pre-assembled and tested before shipment. It can be set up in operation easily within a workweek. The equipment has optimal dimensions.

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