Carbonators & Beverage Blenders

Carbonating systems or beverage blenders are used to continuously deaerate and carbonate water and make carbonated drinks. Carbonating systems support the production of carbonated drinks and serve as the key element of the filling line, as beverage blenders control flavor and stability of the finished product.

Quantum M beverage carbonation systems are 3 in 1 systems, designed for in-line production of carbonated drinks. Our equipment allows to get the most efficient and effective CO2 carbonation in the world.

The unprecedented quality of carbonation, reduced change-over time, high processing precision, military reliability and maintainability make carbonators Politech-Plus™ superior to any other carbonating system in the world.

3 in 1

Plug & Carbonate

Quantum M combines 3 processes: water deaeration, mixing and blending of components and carbonation 


Ultra-fast payback

Make efficient investments

The cost of a new carbonation system is covered by fast ROI, due to energy savings of electricity and CO2.

Energy savings

Get high CO2 carbonation quality without chilling down water or beverages

CO2 carbonation is outstanding even at high temperaturs due to our patented device.

CO2 savings

Spend less CO2 than usual

The dissolution of CO2 at the molecular level allows to obtain fine bubbles. In addition, the drink does not foam and is significantly more stable. CO2 losses are minimized by the technology itself and by beverage blender's systems as well.

Syrup savings

Minimize syrup losses

Quantum M minimizes syrup losses at strat-ups and change-overs and guarantess BRIX% (± 0,05°Bx) and process (Cpk>1.33) stability.

10 years without a break

Forget about maintanance costs and repairs

24 months is the standard warranty.  We use the most reliable  components, control and instrumentation and provide the client with a maintenance kit. 

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Миксер-сатуратор Quantum SMDA Simple

Вид сзади миксер-сатуратора Quantum для смешивания сиропа с водой и насыщения СО2 готового напитка