Wine, oil and other liquids fillers and cappers

Artisan – is a semi-automatic bottle filling machine. It is designed for filling non-carbonated liquids, such as wine, still water, oil and etc. into glass or PET bottles of 0.1 - 5 liters. The filling machine works by weight and not by the flowmeter, which guarantees the highest accuracy and reliability of the filling process.

The process is controlled through four independent channels (4 valves), which allows to fill different types of bottles at the same time.


Highest precision

Fill exactly as much product as you promise to your customer

The filling accuracy is controlled by a G4-class weighing sensor control panel. It guarantees the accuracy of filling oils, wine, milk and other non-viscous products of up to ±3 grams per liter with the capacity of up to 1,500 1-liter bottles per hour (for 4-valves machine).

Reduce product losses

Do not waste the product

Product losses when using Artisan machine are minimal due to filling accuracy and reliable design. Filling process starts automatically when the bottle is under the filling head, and it is controlled by a PLC.

Easy maintenance

Easily set up and operate

The machine is easily adjustable for the bottles and containers of any shape and size in the food & beverage, chemical and cosmetic industries. All the operations can be performed in the manual mode to set up the installation and handle the timing of each operation.